All members of SAAPE-

  • Share the same general principles of strengthening secular and democratic processes in civil society; simultaneously fighting against communal and ethnic politics, which mobilise people according to religious and ethnic divisions for political power.
  • Believe in strengthening gender equality and women's empowerment, and oppose all forms of exploitation of women and children.
  • Believe in and pursue with practice, community driven development and people's empowerment on the basis of poverty eradication, equality, social justice and economic progress.
  • Work towards ensuring poor people's access to all basic services, i.e. education, health, food, water and sanitation, and work to take down all barriers to access.
  • Fight against all forms of discriminations including caste, ethnicity, gender, religion, culture, origin, etc.
  • Ameliorate erosion of civil and political rights and weakening of the democratic order.
  • Work for a North - South alliance based on building and consolidating sub-regional and third world based alliances.
  • Oppose war, militarisation and nuclearisation of societies and nation states.
  • Oppose involuntary displacement in any pretexts.
  • Fight for lifting all travel restrictions within the region.
  • Promote peaceful transition process to a new socio-economic order and denounce violence in principle.

The membership of SAAPE is open to all the organisations and individuals that subscribe the above CMPs.

(Adopted by the Founding SAAPE General Assembly in 2001, Kathmandu)