Kathmandu, 22 March 2015

Bhutanese people in exile have set up a platform called Bhutan Independent Peoples’ Forum to fight for repatriation of those displaced by political repression. The forum, headed by lawyer Tom Adhikari, will have 10-member secretariat and 49-member central committee, the forum said in a statement. It is also mandated to form advisory boards comprising human rights activists and leaders who have been contributing to the movement for dignified return of the people in exile. The forum also announced a sit-in or Satyagraha in Bhutanese Refugee camp in Jhapa to highlight the plight of the refugees. It has also demanded resumption of bilateral talks between Nepal and Bhutan on the matter. Of the 130,000 Bhutanese refugees, around 95,000 have left for third country resettlement, according to the forum.

Source: www.ekantipur.com