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Covid-19 Vaccines patent barriers and local production in developing countries

Covid-19 Vaccines Patent Barriers And Local Production In Developing Countries Link here:

South Asia report, Plight of tea plantation workers and smallholder farmers

Link here:

Tax wealth now

Tax Wealth Now How Taxing Net Wealth, Inheritances and Windfall Profits can help South Asia Overcome Multiple Crises  Link here:

The Forum reviewed the working documents containing recommendations and policy proposals under different thematic groups, including economy and finance; climate and environment; education; business and human rights; education; and democracy and civic space.

Peoples’ 20 Bangkok Forum on G20 Summit was held on 5 June 2023. Peoples’ 20 is an unofficial initiative that runs complementary to the official

The Dutch Agriculture Agreement reaches further than the Netherlands: offer prospects for sustainable farmers and consumers worldwide

In the Netherlands, the government, farmers’ organizations, supply chain partners and nature and environmental organizations are currently discussing the Agriculture Agreement. While the agreement focuses

“Increase minimum wage, provide social protection, and enlist workers!” Tea Plantation Labour unions in Nepal demand workers’ rights

The wage for tea workers in Nepal is currently NPR 435. Although the wage is to be increased biannually, the increment has not taken place

Updates on Civil 20 Inception Meeting and People’s 20 Meeting

20-22 March 2023| Nagpur-Delhi, India Participation in C20 Inception Meeting The Group of Twenty (G20) is considered a premier international forum comprising the world’s leading

SAAPE denounces the deportation of migrant workers in Qatar

27 August, 2022 The members of South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication (SAAPE) condemn the heinous act on part of the Qatari government to arrest

SAAPE members extend their solidarity to Bangladesh tea workers' strike

The members of the South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication (SAAPE), a regional platform of social movements and civil society organisations would like to express

The dire economic situation, combined with a lack of employment opportunities and a food crisis, is forcing families to sell their young daughters, leading to a spiralling increase in extreme violations of the rights of girls and women and their sexual and reproductive health rights.

19 August, 2022 The return of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan marked its first year on Monday, the 15th of August 2022. Despite their commitment

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