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1 Open Letter By Women-Led Garment Unions In Sri Lanka To The Government, Factory Owners And Buyers Open letter by Women-led Garment Unions in to the Government, Factory Owners and Buyers15 May 2020 Key Demands to address the COVID-19 crisis i... 2020-05-15 00:00:00 Edit Delete
2 Kamla Bhasin –A Farewell Celebrating Her Life And Continuing Her Life Mission Kamla Bhasin –A farewell Celebrating her life and Continuing her Life Mission27 Sept. 2021We are deeply saddened by the demise of our long-standing comrade, Kamla Bhasin on 25 September 2021. She was an in... 2021-07-27 00:00:00 Edit Delete
3 SAAPE Stands In Solidarity With The People Of Afghanistan SAAPE stands in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan17 August 2021SAAPE extends its solidarity to women, men and children of Afghanistan who are once again at the toxic crossroads of war and violence, political instabil... 2021-08-17 00:00:00 Edit Delete
4 Millions Of Asians Urgently Need Developed Countries To Stop Blocking Their Access To Vaccines Across Asia, a surge in coronavirus cases is prompting fresh restrictions and pushing people further into poverty. While fast-moving vaccination drives are allowing developed economies to bounce back, most Asian countries have managed to vaccinate... 2021-03-09 00:00:00 Edit Delete
5 Access To Treatment During The COVID Pandemic In Nepal: Policy Choices And Constraints The NGO Federation of Nepal, Nepal Red Cross Society, South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication and Third World Network are organising a webinar on “Access to treatment during the COVID Pandemic in Nepal: Policy choices and constraints” on ... 2020-12-11 00:00:00 Edit Delete
6 CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) IN SOUTH ASIA The novel coronavirus-2019 is a global crisis and the situation is changing every other second. The coronavirus pandemic emerged from December 2019 from the central city of Wuhan, China. Till now 976,021 people have died globally, 31,816,647 have ... 2019-12-03 00:00:00 Edit Delete
7 Migration In South Asia: Poverty And Vulnerability’ Report 2020 Launched Globally “Poverty, declining livelihood and employment opportunities and increasing violence targeting specific vulnerable communities in South Asian countries have triggered internal, intra-regional and international migrations” – says SA... 2020-09-04 00:00:00 Edit Delete
8 Webinar Session III: COVID-19, Debt And Inequality In South Asia Date: 10 June 2020, Time: 3 pm– 4.30 pm (Nepal time)An online discussion on “COVID-19, Debt and Inequality: Restructuring the Architecture of Financing for Public Sectors.”Hosted by... 2020-06-10 00:00:00 Edit Delete
9 Webinar Session 2: Protection Of Women’s And Children’s Rights In COVID-19 Crisis: Responses From South Asian Countries Date: 27 May 2020, Time: 3 pm– 4.30 pm (Nepal time)An online discussion on “Protection of Women’s and Children’s Rights in COVID-19 Crisis: Responses from South Asian Countries.”Hosted by : Sout... 2020-05-27 00:00:00 Edit Delete
10 Webinar Session 1: Redefining And Strengthening Human Rights Activism And Development Work In The Context Of COVID 19 In South Asia Date: 20 May 2020, Time: 3 pm– 4.30 pm (Nepal time)An online discussion on Redefining and Strengthening Human Rights Activism and Development Work in the context of COVID 19 in South AsiaHosted by : Sou... 2020-05-20 00:00:00 Edit Delete
11 SAAPE Calls For Rapid And United Response From South Asian Govts To Fight COVID-19 Crisis The South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication (SAAPE) on Monday said that the SAARC COVID-19 Emergency Fund should be utilised proportionally to provide support and assistance as per the need of any member state, and a regional mechanism should ... 2020-05-29 00:00:00 Edit Delete
12 SAAPE Call For Rapid Response From The South Asian Governments To Fight The COVID19 Crisis And To Build Unitedly Long-Term Public Health Care For South Asians 11 April 2020SAAPE is concerned about the great danger that COVID-19 pandemic poses in South Asia. The pandemic has already made the lives of the people miserable and woeful. The world is entering in a new phase of history. The ... 2012-12-23 00:00:00 Edit Delete
13 Kathmandu Declaration, 2012 Adopted by 4th General Assembly of SAAPE,  18-19 December 2012 We the members of the Fourth General Assembly, of SAAPE, having met at Kathmandu, Nepal from 18-20, December, 2012, do hereby, unanimously ad... 2013-09-20 00:00:00 Edit Delete
14 Declaration Of South Asian Conference On Women’s Political Participation And Representation We the women rights campaigners from south Asian Countries working in members of parliament, political parties, civil society organisations, business and academia gathered in Kathmandu on 11 and 12 September 2013 on the invitation of All Nepal Wom... 2015-09-25 00:00:00 Edit Delete
15 SAAPE Welcomes The Promulgation Of The New Constitution Of Nepal SAAPE welcomes the promulgation of the new constitution of Nepal and condemns the trade and transport embargo imposed by Indian government on the Indo-Nepal border The South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication (SAAPE), a reg... 2016-07-10 00:00:00 Edit Delete
16 SAAPE And People’s SAARC Strongly Condemns The Recent Attack In Dhaka, Bangladesh! We are deeply shocked by the horrific atrocity committed by religious fanatics on the 1st and 2nd of July, 2016 in Dhaka Bangladesh and vehemently condemn this crime against humanity that led to the tragic death of 20 innocent people.We off... 2016-07-04 00:00:00 Edit Delete
17 SAAPE Panel Discussion For People’s SAARC Regional Convergence 2014 SAAPE, in addition to being a member of the organising committee of the People’s SAARC Regional Convergence 2014, also hosted a panel discussion on 22 November 2014. The title of the discussing was “People’s Struggles for Poverty Eradication... 2014-11-28 00:00:00 Edit Delete
18 International Day Of Action For People’s Food Sovereignty And Against Trans-National Corporations Observed In Pakistan 15 October 2015, Lahore, PakintanPakistan Kissan Rabita Committee (PKRC), SAAPE Food Sovereignty Campaign focal organisation in Pakistan, organised a seminar on the topic of “land mafia, feudalism and food sovereignty” on 15th Oc... 2015-10-15 00:00:00 Edit Delete
19 First Editorial Board Meeting, SAAPE Poverty Report, 2016 Held In Colombo, Sri Lanka The first meeting of SAAPE Poverty Report 2016 Editorial Board members took place in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 1-3 March 2016.Scholars and activists from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and India presently comprise the editorial board. The m... 2016-03-05 00:00:00 Edit Delete
20 Global Civil Society Dialogue On SDG 2 Concludes A three-day gathering of civil society representatives from 19 different countries across Asia, Europe, Africa and South America held in Kathmandu to discuss the role of civil society in the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 2 concluded ... 2016-05-28 00:00:00 Edit Delete
21 Kathmandu Declaration 2016 Fifth General Assembly, 2-3 September 2016We, the members of the Fifth General Assembly, of SAAPE, having met at Kathmandu, Nepal from 2-3, September, 2016, do hereby, unanimously adopt this declaration.We have assem... 2016-09-03 00:00:00 Edit Delete
22 The Fifth General Assembly Of SAAPE Held The Fifth General Assembly of SAAPE was held at Kathmandu from 02 to 03 September 2016. The main theme of the Assembly was “Gender, Poverty and Constitutional Rights: South Asian People’s Struggle”. The participants from across 8 South Asian... 2016-07-03 00:00:00 Edit Delete
23 Drive To Promote Social Justice In SAARC States Begins KarachiThe South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication (SAAPE) and People’s Saarc launched a campaign on “Demilitarization, democratization and social justice” on Tuesday, demanding from all the South Asian states to stop extremism in... 2016-07-12 00:00:00 Edit Delete
24 Despair And Defiance India’s tea sector is driven in large part by Assam and West Bengal, which account for over 70 percent of the country’s tea production. There are at least one million tea workers employed on more than 1000 tea gardens in these two eastern stat... 2016-07-30 00:00:00 Edit Delete
25 Civil Society’s Perspective On SAARC IntroductionWhile some regional association such as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) have set themselves as paradigms of promoting regional integrity and ec... 2016-08-16 00:00:00 Edit Delete
26 APMDD Calls For Cancellation Of Nepal’s External Debt KATHMANDU: Asian Peoples’ Movement on Debt and Development (APMDD), a regional anti-illegitimate debt campaign network, has started lobbying for cancellation of Nepal’s external debt, citing such a package will contribute to the recovery and r... 2016-07-29 00:00:00 Edit Delete
27 A Challenge For Change Retruning back from Nedunkerni and Mulathivu after an election monitoring exercise today I was horrified to see two huge armed cars and vehicles carrying soldiers near the Kelaniya bridge. Eventhough I could have avoided the visit the message I re... 2016-08-30 00:00:00 Edit Delete
28 Women, Peace & Rights Human Rights Violations amidst Political Crisis in Sri Lanka Date: 11 April 2022Host: Rita Manchanda, Women's Regional Network (WRN) Board Member. Gue... 2022-05-01 11:57:18 Edit Delete
29 ‘Fair Value, Fair Wage’: Deputation, press meet and tea plantation workers’ dialogue held in Siliguri, India ‘Fair Value, Fair Wage’: Deputation, press meet and tea plantation workers’ dialogue held in Siliguri, India to demand fairness in the tea value chain26 - 27 April 2022... 2022-05-03 13:45:53 Edit Delete
30 SAAPE condemns the attack on the peaceful protesters in Sri Lanka 11 May 2022While South Asia is ravaged by multiple crises, SAAPE is especially concerned about the recent developments taking place in Sri Lanka. The government of Sri Lanka has fa... 2022-05-12 04:26:17 Edit Delete
31 Open call to the United Nations on the occasion of International Tea Day, 21 May 2022 20 May 2022His Excellency António Guterres,The Secretary General,United Nations (UN),... 2022-05-21 03:16:50 Edit Delete
32 6th General Assembly of SAAPE and Strategy Planning Meeting 25 - 27 May 2022Kathmandu, NepalThe Sixth General Assembly of SAAPE, which is held once every three years, is focusing on the multiple issues in South Asia including but not limited to econ... 2022-05-23 08:37:43 Edit Delete
33 The Plight of Workers, Smallholder Farmers and Fisherfolks in South Asia PDF: 2022-05-26 15:28:34 Edit Delete
34 ISS and South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication launch Politics of Poverty Report On 26 September 2017, ISS and South Asia Alliance for Poverty EradicationOpens external (SAAPE) launched SAAPE's Politics of Poverty Report.The interaction with ISS faculty and students provided critical and pragmatic feedbacks to SAAPE’s... 2022-05-30 07:08:57 Edit Delete
35 Kathmandu Declaration 2022 A South Asian Peoples’ Declaration for Peace,Equality,Human Dignity.  May 27, 2022 SAAPESixth General Assembly, 26-27 May 2022 ... 2022-06-03 05:06:45 Edit Delete
36 Effective policies for social justice and equality KATHMANDU, MAY 27The civil society activists of South Asia have highlighted the emerging economic crises and inequality in South Asia.During ... 2022-06-03 05:11:16 Edit Delete
37 India's Internal Migrants Are 'Stateless' in Their Own Country: Report 28 October 2020A report by a Kathmandu-based organisation says that across South Asia, governments treat internal migrants as "human entities meant for profiteering by others".New Delhi: While India has brought in a ... 2022-06-03 09:32:43 Edit Delete
38 Crisis in South Asian Countries Economic crisis in Sri Lanka, political crisis in Afghanistan, refugee crisis in Bangladesh and crisis of religious extremism in India and PakistanSource: https://ekant... 2022-06-03 10:05:22 Edit Delete
39 ‘Grossly expensive diesel may not allow for any more fishing’ Published June 30, 2022 KARACHI: “June and July are the months when there is a ban on fishing, but despite the reduction in this ban by a month, no one here is going out to sea to catch fish at the m... 2022-07-01 09:07:03 Edit Delete
40 Job Opportunities Position: Digital Advocacy & Communication Officer - OneLDC Watch/SAAPE is looking for a full time Digital Advocacy and Communication Officer (based in Kathmandu, Nepal) with expertise in online and social media communi... 2022-07-01 09:41:03 Edit Delete