Mr. Karamat Ali

We would like to congratulate our friend Mr. Karamat Ali for being awarded by South Asia Dadi Nirmala Deshpande Peace and Justice Award on 17 October 2013, the 84th birth anniversary of late Dadi Nirmala Deshpande. We are very thankful that our movement is getting political guidance and contribution from Mr. Karamat. He has been working since long to promote the rights of people and this activism is getting wider recognition all over. His commitment, involvement and activism for the promotion of peace and justice and protection of human rights in Pakistan and South Asia are praiseworthy. Mr. Karamat is leading and coordinating the on-going SAAPE Demilitarisation, Democratisation and Social Justice Campaign through Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER). His recognition and commitment has also inspired us more to fight against poverty, hunger and all forms of injustices in South Asia.

Congratulations Karamat!

SAAPE Secretariat

Kathmandu, Nepal.