Kamla Bhasin –A Farewell Celebrating Her Life And Continuing Her Life Mission

Kamla Bhasin –A Farewell Celebrating Her Life And Continuing Her Life Mission

Kamla Bhasin –A farewell Celebrating her life and Continuing her Life Mission

27 Sept. 2021

We are deeply saddened by the demise of our long-standing comrade, Kamla Bhasin on 25 September 2021. She was an inspiration for all in the fight against all forms of discrimination against women nurtured by patriarchy, class, caste and gender. Her call for the collective and inclusive fight to achieve equality has received wide recognition and respect from different social movements at various levels- from international platforms to very grassroots organizations in South Asia. She was not alone in this fight because she encouraged millions of people to strive for change at both the personal and political levels. This irreparable loss to the South Asian feminist movement could only be healed by organizing ourselves to fight against all forms of inequality, injustice and discrimination in our societies.

She leaves with all of us a huge lexicon of work…30 books on feminism and human rights, 8 children’s books, hundreds of songs in several languages, video talks…She was a people’s person at heart and anyone who has been part of her innumerable sessions would have felt the energy, the love and the deep empathy with which she communicated her visions, her learnings, her experiences all the while listening to others.

We will always remember Kamla Bhasin as a committed feminist, organizer, movement builder and analyst in the history of social movements in South Asia.

Our condolences to her family members, to members of Sangat, Jagori, OBR, and all the other movements/ organizations she was part of.

On behalf of SAAPE members
Netra Timsina
Regional Coordinator

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