SAAPE And People’s SAARC Strongly Condemns The Recent Attack In Dhaka, Bangladesh!

We are deeply shocked by the horrific atrocity committed by religious fanatics on the 1st and 2nd of July, 2016 in Dhaka Bangladesh and vehemently condemn this crime against humanity that led to the tragic death of 20 innocent people.

We offer our condolences, prayers and strengths to the families, friends and people of Bangladesh in this hour of mourning.

This incident has truly exposed the dark side of humanity in the form of an ever increasing fanatic movement that is threatening peaceful coexistence around the world. It has once again shown that there is an urgent need for increasing cooperation and solidarity to combat religious extremism which divides people and societies.

The world will always remember the victims of this attack.

SAAPE and People’s SAARC

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