6th General Assembly of SAAPE and Strategy Planning Meeting

6th General Assembly of SAAPE and Strategy Planning Meeting

25 – 27 May 2022

Kathmandu, Nepal

The Sixth General Assembly of SAAPE, which is held once every three years, is focusing on the multiple issues in South Asia including but not limited to economic recovery, women and unpaid care work, climate, food and agriculture, tax justice and the role of civil society and social movements to defend people’s rights and protecting their livelihoods.

This General Assembly will also discuss future strategies, campaign strategies, and SAAPE membership.

The GA will be attended by SAAPE delegates/members from South Asian countries and civil society partners in the North and the South who are involved in the issues of poverty and exclusion. They mainly include the representatives from peasant organisations, women’s coalitions, NGOs, trade unions, social movements, and independent academics and human rights activists.

GA Background Note: https://saape.org/files/6th%20GA%20of%20SAAPE%20background%20note_25-27052022.pdf

People’s SAARC Regional Meeting: https://saape.org/files/Peoples%20SAARC%20regional%20meeting_26052022.pdf

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